link love sunday

this past week i spent a lot of time in the kitchen, making potato carrot soup with alfalfa, cinnamon buns, and baked brussel sprouts (i used this recipe by emma). i was a little critical of the exercises in my romanian workbook, went for gin tonics and a movie with frau lange, and laughed out loud at dave matthews picking up a coconut (dave matthews = hotness!). how was you’re week?

here are a few links to kick off the new one:

beautiful travel photography

these gifs are so hypnotizing!

cat content

☆ for the stylish carnivore in you: bacon for your neck

canciones para masoquistas <3

☆ while we’re talking about lists and music: have you seen kurt cobain’s handwritten top 50 list?

☆ colorizing history, here and here

☆ i like this video about the complexity of human sexuality. well done!

☆ thinking about reading the defining decade by meg jay next. and am afraid that i might have to change too much about anything, ha!

☆ jon favreau is genius for bringing this different kind of talkshow to the screen!

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